Mind The System, Find The Gap

Based On A Grid (2012) by Esther Stocker; photo: Z33/Kristof Vrancken

Belgian gallery Z33's largest exhibition ever, Mind The System, Find The Gap, sees 30 designers investigating the gaps in our society's systems - from inventing fake online identities to getting away with smuggling unnoticed, taking advantage of money-back guarantees to live for free and proposing controversial foodstuffs for future living.

Photo: Z33/Kristof Vrancken

Each exhibit shows an intervention, performance or installation by an artist who has either tried to break the rules of society themselves, or documented someone else doing so. The show's theme ties into the current global debate around copyright infringement, open source design and online laws.

What Shall We Do Next? (2006-2011) by Julien Previeux at Z33 gallery; photo: Z33/Kristof Vrancken

One example is Julien Previeux’s What Shall We Do Next? (2006-2011), which isolates the gestures required to operate patented technology from the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s patents list of 2006 - 2011. The video turns each gesture into a choreographed dance, illustrating a portfolio of movements and gestures that may become second nature in the near future.

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