Margaux Keller for CFOC


French designer Margaux Keller has created a range of new products for Parisian concept store CFOC, which reopened last month on Boulevard Haussmann.


First opened in 1966, the shop specialises in chinoiserie: design objects and homewares which mix the design traditions of East and West.

Keller's contribution is a series of glassware inspired by Asia, made of wood, glass and ceramic.


The series comprises Tori, a glass vase with a suspended nest inside to display flowers from; Chari-Vari, a cluster of suspension lamps available in glass or porcelain; Botoru, a characterful glass bottle with a cork stopper; and a tea set called Wara, which offers a new way of drinking tea through a series of tea straws.


Read our interview with Margaux Keller here.

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