The Back Room by Studio Toogood

Last week Studio Toogood presented its latest project; The Back Room, for London Design Festival 2012. The event also saw the launch of Faye Toogood's Batch furniture collection.

Spade Chair

The Backroom was inspired by industrial production. Marrying the aesthetics of factory manufacture with the detailing of hand-crafted design, the exhibition presented a "third dimension" to trade.

Spade Side table and Spade Stool

The Batch collection develops Toogood's one-off designs through locally-sourced, small scale production.

The Studio Toogood workspace was styled for the exhibition with a welcoming feel and personal touches, including hanging coats at the entrance to make guests feel at home.

Italian food designers Arabseschi di Latte were on hand to prepare fresh lunches for guests each day. Called the M25 Luncheon, the designer Ploughman's lunch complemented the locally sourced theme and further emphasised the concept of craftsmanship in an urban setting.

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