Design ME: customisable electric transport

Created by a group of Italian companies after an extensive period of research and planning, ME is a new electric scooter that can be completely customised. Thanks to a special online configurator, customers can have fun choosing colour frames, covers, knobs, wheels, tyres, seats and plenty of other options.

The company in the group contributed its specific skills to the project: Motorini Zanini with its experience in the electric vehicle market, VE&D Engineering and Design for engineering, and GSI S.p.A. for construction materials.

The most important innovation in the ME is the frame: made of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), a composite material with no metal parts, it's reinforced with a recyclable structure in thermosetting resin fibre, and manufactured by means of an eco-friendly process. This choice of construction allows a saving of 35% on the scooter’s overall weight, increasing the electric motor’s performance.

The first edition will be released in autumn 2012 in a limited number.

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