The Walls Have Ears

Local design collective Bread have just finished painting White Post Lane, a road in the East London area of Hackney Wick, with a mural of words and phrases that celebrate the history of the area.

The project, called The Walls Have Ears, included several months of research and interviews with Hackney Wick residents before the phrases were decided upon. Words with more general associations, such as "creative" or "community", were passed over in favour of phrases specific to the area, such as "fridge mountain" - despite the negative connotations of some of the words - in order to paint an accurate and heartfelt picture of its history.

Old-fashioned typography provided much of the inspiration for the mural's aesthetic, Bread explain: "We wanted the style to fit with the content, and we were inspired by the large-scale, traditional old typography on the old factory buildings in the area, much of which still stands today."

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