Embroidered wallpaper by Claire Coles

Midnight Garden by Claire Coles

British designer Claire Coles specialises in couture embroidered wallpaper. Made of collages of motifs from vintage papers, machine-stitched on to luxurious paper backings, each roll is different and arrangements are tailored to suit the spaces they are intended for.

Tropical Garden by Claire Coles

While the vintage papers used are sourced by hand and can have quite humble origins, the silks and leathers used to embroider them to the paper, as well as to add tactility and visual interest, elevate the design to couture level.

Detail from Poppy Field by Claire Coles

Coles works to commission, and has completed projects with a range of high-profile clients including Selfridges, Liberty and Ted Baker. She also sells small-scale introductions to her work, including gift cards, digital prints, mugs and brooches, via an online shop.

Floral Fancy by Claire Coles

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