Emergency kits for pets

The Orvis Emergency Pet Travel Kit

The burgeoning market for emergency kits of all capacities responds to consumers who want to be prepared in case a major disaster strikes close to home. Now, two new kits have adapted the format for pets and owners.

The Orvis Emergency Pet Travel Kit is an all-in-one organiser that includes a collapsible bowl, a collar/lead combo, a roll of pick-up bags and a basic first aid kit. The nylon bag features four elasticised compartments for pet travel accessories.

The Pet Earthquake Emergency Bag Kit

As a country that has been plagued by earthquakes and natural disasters, Japan is at the forefront of creating emergency kits. The Pet Earthquake Emergency Bag Kit is a spacious bag that can carry small pets, while also having extra space for pet food and supplies. The kit includes basic emergency items and supplies for owner and pet, including water, bandages and biscuits.

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